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rehacer Bulky Wide Denim Pants

rehacer Bulky Wide Denim Pants

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【 material 】
It is made of 12 ounce denim fabric that can be worn regardless of the season.
The material is thick and sturdy, yet soft enough to be worn comfortably.

[Design. Silhouette]
By adding volume around the thighs and giving it a slight taper, the silhouette eliminates a baggy look.
It has deep tucks and side pockets that are hidden on the outside. The waist is elastic, making it easy to put on and take off.
A special process is used to make denim, which is a naturally stiff fabric, soft to the touch for a comfortable fit.
The back pockets are fastened with basting thread to prevent them from losing their shape.

*The color will fade and become more comfortable after washing, so we recommend washing the item alone once before wearing it.
*Please hang dry immediately after washing. *The color fading will gradually subside with repeated washing, but at first, do not wash with light-colored items.
*Use a neutral detergent. Do not use detergents containing fluorescent brighteners or bleach.
*As this product has the tendency to transfer color to other items when wet from rain or sweat or due to friction while wearing, please be careful when combining it with light-colored (especially white) belts, bags, shoes, and clothing.


size - S
M -
Waist - 72-82
Hip - 108 111
Rise - 35
inseam - 62.5 63
Thigh Circumference - 68 68
Hem circumference - 38 38

Unit: cm

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