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[RENEWAL SALE] THE JEAN PIERRE Dove Chambray Velvet Shirts

[RENEWAL SALE] THE JEAN PIERRE Dove Chambray Velvet Shirts

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A well-balanced shirt that can be worn on its own or over a hoodie. The collar and cuffs are lined with flannel.

This casual velvet has short pile and can be used for a long time, made in Hokuriku, the birthplace of velvet. The pile side is made of rayon and the ground part is made of polyester, giving it different colors. The fur has a crushed finish, giving it a natural luster and an appearance that is easy to match with other items.

material: 100% RAYON/100% POLYESTER LINING: 55% COTTON/45% LYOCEL

size 48 50 -
Chest width 124.5 127.5 -
shoulder width 62 64 -
Length 77 78.5 -
Sleeve Length 59.5 61 -

Unit: cm

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