About the points service

If you shop at the "ADONUST MUSEUM ONLINE SHOP" and register as a member, you will receive points for each purchase. You will receive 5 points for every 100 yen (excluding tax) you spend.

The points you earn can be used when purchasing products, with 1 point being worth 1 yen.

▪️ About using points

Customers who are registered as members will see the points screen.
Here you can choose to save or spend.
・If you want to save, just go ahead.
・If you wish to use the service, select "Use" and enter the number of points you want to use to proceed.

▪️Point status: Points will become "valid" immediately after your order is completed.

▪️ Points expiration date

The expiration date is one and a half years (18 months) from the date of your last purchase.
Please note that points will become invalid after the expiration date.
Please take your time and enjoy shopping.