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NarrativePlatoon Bind necklace

NarrativePlatoon Bind necklace

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This choker necklace features a unique design, created by bending silver wire into a bar shape at each point.
Twisted and bound motifs are sandwiched between the connecting parts to create an irregular shape.
The rough and rugged design is perfect for casual fashion.

The length of the adjuster can be adjusted from a choker to a regular necklace. You can wear it as a choker around your neck or as a regular necklace.
Enjoy arranging it however you like to suit a variety of styles.
The bar part is made by hand bending wire one by one, making it a unique item.

Perfect for those who like a rough style or are looking for design items with a rugged and rough impression.
It can be used in a variety of situations, so please give it a try.

Material: silver-950/silver-925
Color: Silver
size: free


size FREE - -
length 33-49cm - -
Motif height Maximum 2cm - -

Unit: cm

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