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NarrativePlatoon KING Chain Bracelet men's SV-925

NarrativePlatoon KING Chain Bracelet men's SV-925

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This is an unconventional mantel bracelet made using thick, plump azuki chain, with only the clasp switched to a kihei chain.
The T-bar with a hexagonal cross section gives it a subtle shine.
When fastened, the bar sits at an angle, giving a sharp impression.

Made from 925 silver, this series adds a touch of assertiveness.

This is the most voluminous "king" bracelet, perfect for when you want to make a statement or add variety to your wrist.
Item: Bracelet
Material: Silver-925
Color: Silver
Size: S/M

material: SILVER925

size length Chain Width -
S twenty two 1.4 -
M twenty three 1.4 -

Unit: cm

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