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Hand embroidery terror!!
Believe it or not, a mouse drawn by that artist has also come to OK!!
A mouse hand-embroidering classic kicks.
What makes me happy is that the embroidery is done so carefully and perfectly, stitch by stitch.

[Hand embroidery]
One of OK's concepts is "Hand work," and this hand embroidery comes to mind.
It takes about 6 to 7 hours to carefully finish one pattern. By changing the direction of the threads, we create a three-dimensional effect that gives it a warmth that is not found in inorganic prints.
Unlike machine embroidery, there is no interlining on the back, so it is soft and comfortable to wear even when it comes into direct contact with bare skin.

[Creating fine details possible with an original body]
The left hem of the T-shirt and long sleeve T-shirt has a gusset with a single embroidered point. This is a detail inspired by vintage shirts and takes some effort, but it's a typical OK detail that will make you chuckle when you notice it.
There is also a loop on the inside of the collar so you can easily hang it on an S-shaped pipe or something similar.
The land tag is also printed on the same fabric with a little extra effort, so it doesn't itch, which is a big plus.

Original body made from 20-count combed cotton yarn fabric.
Combed yarn is spun through a machine called a comb to remove unnecessary short threads, making it tight and tough.
Therefore, the original body is thick but comfortable to wear and does not lose its shape. Our staff have been wearing it for many years and feel the same way.

Material: 100% cotton

size M L LOOSE
Height 72 76 72
Width 51 55 60
shoulder width 44 48 56
Sleeve Length 64 65 61.5

Unit: cm

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