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OK OK “TYPE-AJ1” Lantern Object

OK OK “TYPE-AJ1” Lantern Object

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[The long-awaited second edition!! Take the legendary sneakers to camp!! To commemorate the release, batteries are included!!] An object (lantern shade) shaped like the AJ1!
A simple type that can be hung anywhere by tying the shoelaces.
This product is for the right foot.
A bulb-type hanging LED light is included, but it does not provide enough light to cover a wide area, so you can replace it with your favorite mini lantern.
It's not a power source so it can be used outdoors, which is a big plus.

If you love sneakers, camping, or lanterns, this is a must-have for your collection! To celebrate the release, we will also be giving away batteries for free ^^

Not only can you wear them, but you can also enjoy these classic kicks as camping accessories or as home decor.

■28cm (height 16cm) ■Weight: 403g
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