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OOV opposite of vulgarity cubed

OOV opposite of vulgarity cubed

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These double quilted pumps use vegan leather for the upper, and feature a distinctive design on the instep.

The eco-friendly vegan leather that can be used in a single piece is dyed once at the fabric stage, and then dyed again after cutting, which gives the cut edges a natural color and makes them look more like real leather. In addition, the stretch material makes them comfortable to wear and keeps their shape.

Note: To remove dirt from the upper, use a cloth dampened with water; there is no need to use shoe cream or other leather care products.

Placing it near a fire may cause it to soften or deform. Dry it in the shade.

Please avoid using this product in places where oil is present.

material: Vegan Leather

size 26.5 -
Outsole 27.5 -
wise 9.5 -

Unit: cm

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