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[-TAX FREE-] Pantofola d'Oro WEL4

[-TAX FREE-] Pantofola d'Oro WEL4

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Pantofola d'Oro / Pantofola d'Oro |History
A luxury shoe brand for adults with an intellectual and nostalgic atmosphere.
The brand is known for its reliable shoes made by hand by skilled craftsmen and using carefully selected materials.
The unique identity that shines through in the sophisticated design is outstanding, and this is a highly recommended brand that is currently attracting attention from fashionistas as one of the leading brands in Italy, the home of shoemaking.

The upper is made of grain leather, and the thick rubber sole gives the shoe a unique impression with its elegant and smart form.

The thick rubber sole provides excellent grip and cushioning, making this a luxurious hybrid shoe that is also easy to walk in.

These sneakers are simple and easy to use, and highly recommended.

*Our store is an authorized dealer of Pantofola d'Oro.
The product is delivered by the authorized distributor, Kamei Proact, but there may be scratches or dents on the box during import.
We appreciate your understanding in advance.

Material: Cowhide Country of Origin: Italy
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